Demand Driven Buffer or Adaptive Cruise Control? 

The bullwhip effect: Supply Chain Practitioners know this phenomenon quite well – a slight change in demand downstream may create big swings upstream, and reversely small delays upstream may create a catastrophe to downstream supply chain partners.  

Reducing lead times with DDMRP

There is often a misunderstanding. How, by implementing software, can we reduce lead times? 

The answer is, we can't... Reducing lead times does not come from magical software. 

Supply Chain Planners, Let’s Procrastinate Please!

As supply chain professionals, we’re trained to anticipate our company’s needs. That’s a good thing. Unfortunately, our training can also lead to some unfortunate habits.

Product proliferation in the Food and Beverage industry and its impact on supply chain planning

Niche providers are having a significantly greater impact on the Food and Beverage industry than they were just ten years ago. Providers of craft beers and craft soft drinks have experienced substantial growth of market share in their respective segments by providing unique flavors and greater variety to the market.

For example, craft beers now represent roughly 24% of the US Beer market. The [...]

Religious wars, rearguard fights, how about peace? 

In recent weeks we have seen in France two rather virulent online publications against DDMRP, one stating that "DDMRP is egocentric and short-sighted", and the other giving a "numerical point of view" on DDMRP, to conclude in short that the methodology was too simplistic.  

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